State Scholarships


The Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation together with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation have launched an educational qualifying campaign in order to enroll a certain number of foreign students to the Russian universities upon the governmental quotas which are to be decided later on. Those young Bahrainis who are interested should register at and fill in the required form in a proper way, attaching copies of all the necessary documents. The online registration deadline is February 15, 2017. Further information can be obtained through the above-mentioned web-site.

The selection of candidates is implemented by education authorities of the Kingdom of Bahrain. The documents are to include:

  • Application
  • Copy of passport (every page), with expiry date not less than 1,5 years before arrival to Russia;
  • Verified copy of the certificate of education, including the list of subjects and examination marks. 
    All should be translated into Russian and notarially certified;

The marks for selected major subjects are recommended to be not less than 80% of its maximum rate.

For bachelor or specialist course the candidates should provide the document of completed or specialized secondary education equivalent to the Russian Federation standards.

For master course the candidates should provide the document equivalent to the Russian Federation bachelor or specialist degree.

For postgraduate course the candidates should provide the document equivalent to the Russian Federation master or specialist degree.

To apply for doctoral candidacy the candidates should provide the document equivalent to the Russian Federation academic degree.

The candidates applying for postgraduate course, doctoral candidacy should also provide short essay about future research. For having the training course they should give the plan written on two pages and the list of scientific publications if have.

  • Medical report on absence of impediments for study in Russia;
  • Certificate on completing medical examination of HIV and AIDS;

It is desirable that the candidates are under 25 and the interval between the dates of leaving school and entrance the Russian Higher Education Institutes is no more than 3 years.

For postgraduate course foreign students can be admitted under 35, for doctoral candidacy – under 45. It is desirable that the interval between the dates of completing the postgraduate course and entrance the doctoral candidacy is no more than two years.

The admission for study at the Russian Higher Education Institutes is limited with certain specialties.

Those who don't speak Russian have to take one year's preparatory course.

The documents of the candidates should go to Federal Agency of Education before May 15, including official cover letter, list of candidates with specified name and number of specialty in Russian.

The Russian side determines the city and the university for the candidates.

The school year in Russia starts on September 01.

The candidates admitted for study: full course (preparatory, bachelor, master) - should arrive by September 15 at the latest; postgraduate course, doctoral candidacy, training course – till November 15.

Arriving candidates should have passport, originals of the documents of education, including all attachments, medical certificates and seven more photos 4x6. It is recommended to have proper outfit taking into account climatic conditions in Russia, 250 USD to compensate the organizational expenditure and at least 250 USD per month to pay expenses during the period of study. Besides, it is necessary to acquire medical insurance at the cost of 250USD.

The Russian side doesn't bear transport, departure expenses and is not responsible for members of foreign students' families staying in Russia.

The Russian side will provide foreigners admitted for study through governments' agreement with:

  • Financial allowances at the same rate as for the Russian students: 1100 rub. (around 30 USD) per month for students and 1500 rub. (around 45 USD) per month for postgraduate students.
  • Accommodation (hostel).

The education authorities of the Kingdom of Bahrain are responsible for all questions of their candidates staying and studying in Russia and guarantee their citizens return home after completing study, expulsion in cases of academic failure, gross violation of the institution rules or the rules of staying in the territory of the Russian Federation, for health reasons or fatal outcome at the expenditure of sending country, personal or sponsors funds.

The guarantees are considered to be provided by sending country from the date of candidate crossed the entry point for studying in the Russian Federation.