The Peoples' Friendship University of Russia (PFUR) has opened a number of master's degree programs in English with the period of study two years.

Besides every year the University is starting admission of foreign postgraduates for the training courses in English.

The University also invites students with high level of academic achievement at the expense of University's scholarships - 2-3 scholarships above the quota of the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation to study specialties like physics and mathematics, engineering, agriculture and ecology.

Master's Degree Programs

Some Master Programs with English and Spanish medium became available at the University's Main Faculties as from September 2010 (2 years 3250$ to 5300$ per annum).

For the following disciplines:

  • Functional methods in differential equations and interdisciplinary researches
  • Chemistry of the Environments
  • Comparative philosophy
  • Economics of natural resources management
  • The real estate economics in the agrarian and industrial complex
  • Theoretical and applied linguistics
  • Theoretical and Mathematical Physics
  • Business creation and management
  • Information systems in Civil Engineering
  • Communication Theory and International Public Relations (PR)
  • Contemporary Research on Latin America (Spanish Medium)

Entrance Condition and Standards for foreign students to the University 2010/2011 Academic Year (Postgraduate Training in English) Moscow 2010

In 2010/2011 academic year the PFUR is starting the training on the following disciplines in English for foreign postgraduates:

Faculty Code of the discipline Discipline
Agricultural 06.01.11 Plant protection
Faculty of humanities and social sciences 23.00.04 Political problems of international relations and global development
Engineering 25.00.01 General и areal geology
14.00.06 Cardiology
Faculty of science 01.04.02 Theoretical physics
Philological 10.01.10 Journalism
Ecological 03.00.16 Ecology
Economic 08.00.14 Global (world) economy
Faculty of Law 12.00.10 International Law


The admission procedure to the PFUR for the foreign postgraduates for the Program in English

On the post graduate level in the PFUR (Doctor of Philosophy -Ph.D.) with instruction in English are accepted foreign people who have higher professional education (Master's degree or specialist) without any age restrictions.

Training of the foreign postgraduates is carried out on two forms: intramural (full-time) and extramural (part-time). Term of study on post graduate level in intramural form should not exceed 3 years, in extramural - 4 years. Foreign postgraduates during the first year study Russian language.

Entrants on the postgraduate level have to provide to the University the following documents:

  1. Personal application for admission of the department and discipline, which the candidate wants to study in RUDN.
  2. Legalized copy of the final degree certificate of high professional education and copy of its supplement. Applicants who have studied abroad, need also a copy of certificate of equivalence (the document, that prove equivalence of a foreign state certificate and higher education certificate of RF), which is issued on arrival to Moscow.
  3. Recommendation letter.
  4. Curriculum Vitae (filled after arrival to Moscow).
  5. A medical certificate with the results of necessary tests (including certificate of the HIV-status of the applicant), confirming the possibility of teaching at the University
  6. Three (3) Photographs.
  7. Copy of national passport.

Post-graduate education in English language for foreign citizens is provided only on contractual (fee-paying) basis. Fees could be paid both in Moscow and in home-country (PFUR sends bank details to applicants).

PFUR provides visa support to an applicant through the appropriate Embassy (Consulate) of the Russian Federation.

For visa support it is necessary to send an e-mail to the University that contains a copy of the passport with the exact home address and phone number/work address and telephone number, occupied position, place of birth, region of residence, place of visa application (place where visa was obtained).

The National passport of a candidate must be valid remain valid for at least 2 years from the date of entry into the Russian territory.

PFUR registration and hall of residence are not provided to foreign citizens who entered Russia on a diplomatic visa.

Post-graduate applicants pass entrance exams in:

  1. Applied discipline
  2. Foreign language
  3. Philosophy

Reception of documents, entrance exams and enrollment in graduate school of applicants recommended for training on a contractual basis is carried out during the calendar year. The one-year fee is established by University.

Additional services fees:

  • Health insurance $ 200 per year;
  • Staying in a hall of residence $ 750 - 4000 USD per year;
  • Paperworks $ 150;
  • Entrance exams $ 270.

All transportation expenses associated with trips to Moscow and to the home-country are paid by an applicant, directing organization or sponsors.

During post-graduate education student must:

  1. Implement an individual curriculum;
  2. Pass the exams in:
    • History and Philosophy of Science
    • Foreign language
    • Applied discipline
  3. Complete the thesis (dissertation), submit it to the department and get conclusion of the thesis (dissertation).

PFUR registration and hall of residence are provided during exams and period of the dissertation to post-graduate students on a part-time scale.


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